About Sunflower House

Sunflower House is a leading holistic health practice in Zürich. We are a small community of highly experienced independent practitioners, providing bespoke Treatments & Services for the health and wellbeing needs of our clients.

Located in the heart of the Seefeld district, and just 2 minutes walk from Zürich lake, Sunflower House offers a calm and nurturing environment in elegant and peaceful surroundings.


Hugh Osborne and Jwala Tsai are the founders of Sunflower House. Hugh is a Therapist and Coach. Jwala is a TCM Practitioner and, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant. Working with a small community of experienced therapists, they are dedicated to providing a professional and caring service for their clients.


We offer High Quality Bespoke Packages for……

Stress & Anxiety Rebalancing

Addiction Recovery

Burnout Rejuvenation

Trauma Healing

Life Transition


Hugh Osborne is a master facilitator of true transformation. He not only has many powerful skills, talents and abilities, he has also used them all to transform his own life many times over. If you are truly ready to make your life different and free yourself from fear and addictions I highly recommend working with Hugh.
Julie Blake - Transformational Coach


through simple nutritional adjustments to my diet and lifestyle advice, Jwala helped me to “heal myself”
G.F. - London, UK