Sunflower House

Sunflower House is a leading holistic health practice in Zürich, Switzerland. We are a community of highly experienced therapists, dedicated to providing a professional and caring service to our clients.

Located in the heart of the Seefeld district, and just 2 minutes walk from Zürich lake, Sunflower House offers a calm and nurturing environment in elegant and peaceful surroundings.

With a wide range of Treatments & Services available, Sunflower House offers the very best bespoke support for your health and wellbeing needs.



The Founders

Jwala Tsai and Hugh Osborne are the founders of Sunflower House. As a husband and wife partnership with many years of experience of building their own successful businesses, they decided to combine their talents for the co-creation of Sunflower House. Their vision, to create a truly exceptional holistic health practice offering high-quality bespoke services, is now being realised.

Jwala Tsai has been active in the field of complementary medicine in Zürich and London since 2003. She is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. She holds a BSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a diploma in Ayurveda.

Hugh Osborne is a Therapist and Coach with over 15 years experience. For many years he ran a successful practice in London’s Harley Street. He is an experienced speaker, educator, and published author.