Bespoke Packages

At Sunflower House, we offer high-quality bespoke packages designed to support you in your personal needs and goals. Our health and wellbeing requirements don’t always fit neatly into specific treatments and categories. Often, we need a combination of these things to help us get to where we want to be. As human beings, we each have our own unique issues and requirements, which is why we offer Bespoke Packages that are designed just for you.

Stress & Anxiety Rebalancing

Stress and Anxiety can be experienced as a result of many things in life. Usually, their presence is a sign that we have been coping with too much for too long. At Sunflower House, we offer bespoke stress & anxiety rebalancing packages that are created with your needs in mind. Sometimes we all need that little bit of extra care and support, and sometimes we can’t do it all on our own. Our team of highly experienced therapists and coaches can help support you in this process of releasing stress and anxiety, and rebalancing yourself, in just the right way for you.

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Burnout Rejuvenation

Our bespoke burnout rejuvenation packages are designed to give the best level of personal and caring support to our clients. Burnout is becoming more common due to the increasing demands that the modern world is placing upon us. Burnout is not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign that it may be time to reflect upon your life and make some essential changes. The process we encourage at Sunflower House is one of rejuvenation and rebalancing. Our therapists and coaches can support you in this process so that you recover from burnout and rejuvenate at a pace that’s right for you.

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addiction recovery

Recovery is about much more than abstaining from addictive substances and behaviours. Recovery from addiction is a lifestyle change and transition on many levels. With the right support network in place, change and transition can flow with more ease. Our bespoke addiction recovery packages support a gentle shift away from addiction and towards a new way of life.

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Trauma Healing & Emotional pROCESSING

Our minds cannot rest, and we cannot find peace in ourselves, unless we have healed our innermost pain. Most of us live with patterns of behaviour, habits, and sabotage that are driven by unseen emotional undercurrents. We may have everything we want in life. A good career, healthy family, enough money, good health, and yet we live life with restlessness, agitation, and angst as our unwanted companions. We can only really be comfortable in our own skin when our traumas are healed and our emotional wounds are tended. Very few therapists can take a client on such a journey of inner transformation. At Sunflower House, we are fortunate to have such therapists.  

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We all reach those turning points in life. A change in career, starting a family, separation from a spouse, health scares, retirement… the list goes on! While such changes may be for our long-term benefit, the transition and adjustment process can often be turbulent. We may experience loss of identity, shaken confidence, self-doubt, and sometimes guilt, shame, and regret. At Sunflower House, we have the right therapists to guide you through your life transition process so that you remain clear and connected to what really matters.

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