Craniosacral Therapy

De-Stressing, Relaxing and Healing


Craniosacral Therapy works primarily on the bones in the spine and skull and the muscles tissues in these areas. The therapist will, through gentle touch, tune in to the client’s craniosacral system and make small adjustments to these areas. A good craniosacral therapist can assist the client in releasing the stress, anxiety, pain, and trauma that is so often held in the head, neck and back.


A good craniosacral treatment can bring about a state of deep relaxation for the client. Deep relaxation is what we experience when, through gentle touch, the stress, anxiety, and emotional tension, that we have been habitually holding onto, releases itself from our system.


When we release stress and relax deeply within ourselves, our bodies natural healing chemicals are often released. Endorphins increase our happiness and well-being levels far more than any of the quick fixes that are chosen out of convenience. The more we naturally stimulate our endorphins, the less we need to rely on artificial comforts, and the healthier we become.

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