Massage & Bodywork

Release, Relax and Rejuvenate


A good bodyworker knows how to facilitate the gentle release of tension and stress from your body in a way that is both relaxing and healing. We spend so much of our time tensed up and stressed out, without even realising it. A good bodyworker can help you restore your body’s natural balance so that you feel more in flow with life.


There are many forms of relaxation available to us in the modern world. Unfortunately, most of these are distractions that numb us to our stress and tension, rather than releasing it. True relaxation happens when, for a short time, we stop distracting ourselves and come to be present in the moment. A good bodyworker can help you do just that.


The capacity of the human system to bear stress and pressure, and then rejuvenate itself, is an amazing one! A good bodyworker can help facilitate rejuvenation, leaving you energised and ready to go. We have an infinite supply of energy available to us, but we can only access it with a body that is free of stress and tension. With this in mind, regular treatments with a good bodyworker could be one of the best self-care investments you could make.

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