Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

Find Your Balance


Any change we make in life usually means we need to look at two significant things.

One is our lifestyle and whether or not it is aligned with who and what we want to be. The other is our relationship to food.

Food is Medicine

Many schools of wisdom have long recognised that food can be used as medicine. What we eat can either intoxicate and poison us, or can heal and rejuvenate us. When we eat for comfort or emotional avoidance, we often choose high fat and sugary food. These foods often taste good in the moment, but leave us feeling tired and sluggish. When we eat according to our body’s natural constitution, our food energises and supports us in living life more fully.

A Balanced Life

When we have the right nutrition, we become clearer in ourselves. This clarity helps us make better lifestyle choices. This means balance gradually gets restored. Living a balanced life may seem challenging at first. Old habits can be replaced though and, over time, as patterns of self-care replace habits of self-neglect, we find the contentment within ourselves that we were always seeking.

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