At Sunflower House, we offer carefully selected Treatments and Services that cover a wide range of health and wellbeing needs. We very much believe in change being a holistic and balancing process, that works on the levels of mind, body and being.

We understand that choosing the right treatments and services can be confusing and are very happy to offer our guidance and recommendations on what would work best for you. Whatever your health and wellbeing needs may be, we aim to provide you with the very best solutions.


Acupressure or No-Needle Acupuncture is a treatment based on principles that date back almost 2,000 years. Acupressure involves the gentle use of pressure to stimulate specific energy points in the body. This is done to clear and reactivate natural energy circuits and the endorphin system, so that balance can be restored to body and mind.


Ayurveda is an ancient mind-body integrated health system, and one of the modern world’s most sophisticated and assessable treatment paths. Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’ (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). Ayurveda helps people stay healthy and balanced in mind, body and spirit, and free to live more of their human potential.

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle form of bodywork that focuses deeply on the bones of the head, neck, spinal column and sacrum. Cranial Sacral Therapy can relieve pain and stress and bring about a great sense of ease and balance. Cranial Sacral Therapy can support people in times of transition. It is especially useful as a treatment for anxiety-related issues.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to access the deeper levels of the mind, which are sometimes referred to as the unconscious. When facilitated by a skilled practitioner, hypnotherapy can help the client to free themselves of fear and self-sabotage so that they can become better at being themselves. Hypnotherapy can be a valuable support to people seeking help with the many and varied issues and goals that form a part of daily life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about helping people to become better at being themselves. Life Coaching offers deep and integrative support across the key life areas of work, relationships, finances, health and wellbeing, spirituality, and other personal goals that our clients set for themselves. Life Coaching is about getting really honest and clear about what is required to be the most aligned and happy version of ourselves.

massage & Bodywork

At Sunflower House, we offer different styles of massage and bodywork to serve the varying needs of our clients. The massage and bodywork we offer include ayurvedic oil massage, shiatsu, tui na, and lymph drainage. Good massage and bodywork are essential during times of change, which is why these treatments form a popular part of our bespoke packages.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

Almost every health and wellbeing issue of modern times can be linked to poor/ineffective nutrition and lifestyle choices. The most significant changes a person can make to their nutrition and lifestyle are those that align with their natural constitution. Most readily available guidance is generalised rather than personalised, which makes it very hard to find a way that works for our own personal needs and circumstances. At Sunflower House, we offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle consultations, to find the best plan for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern-day practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine draw upon the ancient wisdom of principles dating back 1000’s years. Traditional Chinese Medicine utilises herbal medicine, treatments, and practices, that are long-established and proven to successfully treat and prevent many of our collective health and wellbeing problems. A key part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is rebalancing the flow of Chi (Life Force) in the body, mind, and nervous system. Healthy Chi flow keeps the body-mind free of disease and stagnation, which is essential for a long and happy life.